Pen Turning on the Wood Lathe

11/18/2023 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET


  • $50.00


Join us to learn how to create your own pen on our wood lathe


Come join us to learn the basics of how to use the wood lathe and create your very own pen in the process!

You may bring your own piece of wood with these dimensions (3/4 x 3/4 x6 inch) or the instructor will provide a blank of domestic wood or acrylic.

Imagine reverse engineering one of the most elemental tools in an intellecutal's tooblox!  Our instructor will guide you through the process of taking a rudimentary piece of hardwood or acrylic "clay" and sculpting it into something you can use for years to come.  We begin by learning the basics and choosing a "blank" as our canvas.  Choose the color and grain pattern or texture, depending on your chosen medium.  Then tailor the piece to mount it onto the lathe.  Finally, sculpt your pen handle with the tools to get the shape you desire and finish it with sandpaper and lathe specific finishing compound.  By the time the class is finished, you will walk away with a finished piece and kit that you can be proud to call your own!

This class will involve making specialized use of the tools and equipment mentioned above and is appropriate for: 

Students with basic skills for the miter saw, bandsaw, table saw, router, and drill press.

Please wear closed-toe shoes and fitted clothing.

Cost = $50

Max Students = 4

Student Ages = 18+