Arduino/Raspberry Pi User’s Group

11/06/2023 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM ET


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In November & December, we'll focus on holiday light shows!

Although it’s called the Arduino/Raspberry Pi group, it consists of anyone interested in using or learning about what Charles aptly coined as “Tiny Computers”. That could be an Arduino to make a doggy treat dispenser, ESP32’s for home automation or even image recognition on a Pi to identify and then discourage the neighbor’s cat from chasing birds. Anything you can imagine that uses a tiny computer that you build and program…


We hope to have a monthly talk/presentation on topics of interest to the group. Might be a demonstration of a cool new project or maybe an educational talk on some technology such as options for powering your projects (solar? battery?) or low power techniques.


Come join us and see what’s happening in the world of tiny computers.