Decatur Makers is metro Atlanta’s first and only all-ages makerspace with the goal to provide making opportunities for everyone! 

We’re also a nonprofit — so your gift is tax-deductible! 

Decatur Makers has an important role to play in our community and our mission is particularly important: empowering a community of builders, creatives, and learners. And you can continue to help us make a difference.

Today, your donation would make a real impact as we continue to grow all of our programs in 2024:

  • Educating through hands-on experiences to learn and create,
  • Offering more classes and workshops to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills,
  • Growing our youth programming and teacher professional development program across Atlanta,
  • Empowering kids and adults to make a difference through our community projects,
  • Continuing to partner with Atlanta organizations to solve community problems,
  • Supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs,
  • Inspiring the next generation of problem-solvers.

Your donation (every dollar counts!) supports all of our programs, making a difference to thousands of people around Atlanta!

Thank you!


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