Join our “2nd Laser Cutter = More Making 2022” Campaign!

Decatur Makers' mission is particularly important during these times: empowering a community of builders, creatives and learners. And you can help us continue to make a positive impact on people of all-ages across metro-Atlanta!

Would you consider making a donation to support our "2nd Laser Cutter = More Making 2022" fundraising campaign and help us empower more people through more making?

Along-side our amazingly creative and supportive community with expertise to support learning and making, we also provide tools and equipment for the community to build so many things. Our current laser cutter and engraver, a Glowforge Pro, has been a very popular piece of equipment used by our community of hobbyists, entrepreneurs/small business owners, and youth. As our community has grown, so has the use of our Glowforge.

And as usage has grown, so has the need for a 2nd laser cutter and engraver. As a way to increase accessibility to this powerful tool, we are planning to purchase a new laser cutter and engraver: Thunder Laser NOVA 35 with additional functionality to accommodate thicker material, rounded material, and larger material, while still keeping the ease of use for all skill levels.

We are running this fundraising campaign through April 30, 2022 to raise the final $4,000 so we can buy this important piece of equipment!

With our current laser cutter:

  • We have trained 338 individuals on how to use laser cutting and engraving technology to unluck their creative potential. This includes many entrepreneurs and small business owners from diverse backgrounds.
  • Over the past 6 months, as we're regrowing our reach post-pandemic, makers have spent 600+ hours of time running jobs on our laser. At least 100 of those hours were used by women and minority run small business owners to prototype and create products.

Making fosters life-changing experiences where kids and adults find passions, learn hard skills, and develop and strengthen the soft skills of problem-solving and critical thinking. This type of success positively impacts people of all ages by empowering them in all areas of their life.

This is why we're asking for your support to help us buy a 2nd laser cutter to support more people learning, building and creating their ideas.

Decatur Makers is more than a makerspace, we're a community-based organization of creative and innovative people that directly helps address educational needs, builds community, and fosters economic opportunities for people of all ages, skills sets, and backgrounds.

Thank you for your support!

Decatur Makers is metro Atlanta’s first and only all-ages makerspace with the goal to provide making opportunities for everyone! 

We’re also a nonprofit — so your gift is tax-deductible! 

Decatur Makers has an important role to play in our community and our mission is particularly important: empowering a community of builders, creatives, and learners. And you can continue to help us make a difference.

Today, your donation would make a real impact as we continue to grow all of our programs in 2024:

  • Educating through hands-on experiences to learn and create,
  • Offering more classes and workshops to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills,
  • Growing our youth programming and teacher professional development program across Atlanta,
  • Empowering kids and adults to make a difference through our community projects,
  • Continuing to partner with Atlanta organizations to solve community problems,
  • Supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs,
  • Inspiring the next generation of problem-solvers.

Your donation (every dollar counts!) supports all of our programs, making a difference to thousands of people around Atlanta!

Thank you!

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